Opiate narcotics have taken everything from me, and I lost absolutely everything. These pills led me to jail, rehab, and funerals, and away from the people who meant the most to me. Read more.

AWARXE aims to prevent more tragic stories like Nick’s by providing information that will raise awareness of prescription drug abuse and misuse.

Protect your family and friends.

  1. Record and Understand Prescription Info

    Record and understand prescription information, and rely on the experts,
    pharmacists and doctors, for help.

  2. Safe Acquisition

    Safely acquire medication, whether buying your prescription
    at the neighborhood pharmacy or an online pharmacy.

  3. Appropriate Use

    Appropriately use and administer medications.

  4. Find Disposal Information

    Find a secure storage spot, and dispose of unneeded medications.

  5. Educate on Abuse & Misuse

    Educate family and friends on abuse and misuse dangers.