Is That Online Pharmacy Safe?

Rogue Internet drug outlets promise big savings, but using them can cost you your health and your life. They sell fake medications that may contain fillers like drywall, rat poison, and paint. Or, the pills may not contain any medicine at all, and you stay sick. And on top of sending you dangerous substances, many rogue websites don’t secure your personal data, exposing you to identity theft and financial loss. So, how can you protect yourself? It’s actually not that hard. You just have to learn how to spot the warning signs. Learn more on our Online Pharmacies page.

Illegal prescription drugs were deadly for Daniel Katz

At age 25, when most kids are beginning their journey into responsible adulthood, our beloved son, Daniel Lee Katz, lost his battle with the disease of drug addiction. We believed, like most families, that this only happens to other families and that it couldn't and wouldn't happen to us. But it did. Read more.

The AWARXE campaign aims to prevent more tragic stories like Daniel’s by providing information that will raise awareness of prescription drug abuse and misuse.

Protect your family and friends.

  1. Record and Understand Prescription Info

    Record and understand prescription information, and rely on the experts,
    pharmacists and doctors, for help.

  2. Safe Acquisition

    Safely acquire medication, whether buying your prescription
    at the neighborhood pharmacy or an online pharmacy.

  3. Appropriate Use

    Appropriately use and administer medications.

  4. Find Disposal Information

    Find a secure storage spot, and dispose of unneeded medications.

  5. Educate on Abuse & Misuse

    Educate family and friends on abuse and misuse dangers.