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Protect Yourself When Ordering Medications Online

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When you are buying medicine online, the safest way to purchase drugs is through a pharmacy accredited by the NABP VIPPS® (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites®) program. Choosing to buy your prescription medications from a VIPPS-accredited pharmacy can help eliminate the risks associated with fake pharmacy sites.

Fake pharmacy sites, sometimes called rogue pharmacy sites, fail to comply with federal and state laws and regulations, and some sell dangerous counterfeit drugs. Ordering products from such sites puts you and your family at risk.

Protect yourself and your family from these rogue sites and select a VIPPS-accredited pharmacy when ordering online. The list of VIPPS-accredited pharmacies is below. NABP staff vetted these pharmacies using these criteria

Note: The designation “Membership Required” below indicates that prescriptions are only accepted from patients who are “members.” Generally, these types of plans are offered by employers or purchased by individuals.