Drug Disposal Information

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Texas Communities Offer Prescription Drug Disposal

The cities of Texas are proud to offer prescription drug disposal locations for their residents. Before dropping off unwanted medications, residents are encouraged to call the facility before visiting to confirm what is accepted. Generally, law enforcement agencies can accept controlled substances, such as certain anti-anxiety or pain medications. When disposing of sharps, (needles, syringes, or lancets) please place them in a sharps disposal container or a hard plastic or metal container with a secure lid. If possible, break off needles to prevent reuse. The facilities cannot accept medical waste, such as IV tubing or bags. The following items can be accepted for disposal:

  • Prescription medications (pills, liquids, creams, patches)
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Pet medications
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Inhalers

If no disposal program for controlled substances is convenient, the AWARXE Medication Disposal page provides instructions on safely disposing of controlled substances at home.

Angleton Police Department
104 Cannan Dr
Angleton, TX 77515
24-hour access
Drop box in lobby. No liquids or needles accepted

Bay City Police Department
2201 Avenue H
Bay City, TX 77414

Denton Police Department
601 E Hickory St
Denton, TX 76205

Environmental Collection Center
6400 Bridge St
Fort Worth, TX 76112
11 AM - 7 PM Thursday and Friday
9 AM - 3 PM Saturday
Cannot accept controlled substances. Accepts over-the-counter medications.

Fort Worth Police Department
350 W Belknap St
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Fort Worth Police Department
East Patrol
1100 Nashville Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76105
8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday

Fort Worth Police Department
West Patrol
3525 Marquita Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76116817/392-4700
8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday

Fulton Town Hall
209 N 7th St
Fulton, TX 78358

Galveston Police Department
601 54th St
Galveston, TX 77550

La Marque Police Department
431 Bayou Rd
La Marque, TX 77568

The Medicine Shoppe
2301 E Mulberry 
Angleton, TX 77515
No narcotics accepted. Open during business hours. 

Stephenville Police Department
356 N Belknap
Stephenville, TX 76401