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Medication Disposal Site Search Tool Now Available on

Topics: Medication disposal

To help visitors to more easily find disposal locations in their area, AWARXE has launched a location-based search tool.

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FDA Approves New Abuse-Deterrent Prescription Pain Medication

Topics: FDA and Painkillers

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new opioid pain medication with features that are intended to make the drug harder to abuse in ways that involve chewing, crushing, breaking, or dissolving the drug.

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Pennsylvania Naloxone Law Now in Effect

Topics: Prescription drug overdose

A law allowing first responders and friends and family of those at risk for an opioid overdose to receive and administer naloxone is now in effect in Pennsylvania.

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FDA Warns of More ‘Supplements’ Containing Hidden Drug Ingredients

Topics: FDA and Over-the-counter medications

Due to the presence of undeclared drug ingredients, FDA is warning consumers not to purchase or use certain products marketed as dietary supplements, including Slim Vie, Super Extreme Accelerator, and Black Storm.

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College Student Abuse of Prescription Stimulants is Becoming ‘Normal,’ Survey Finds

Topics: Prescription drug abuse

Approximately one in five college students abuse or misuse prescription stimulants such as Adderall® and Ritalin®.

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Massachusetts County Kicks Off Public Safety Initiative to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Law enforcement and emergency response officials in Norfolk County, MA, have kicked off the Prescription Drug Safety Initiative to help pharmacies identify possible signs of fraud or abuse.

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Smartphone Apps May Help Teens Remember to Take Medications

Topics: Teens and Prescription drugs

Smartphones could be used to help teens remember to take their medications, new research suggests.

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