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AWARxE Offers Medication Safety Tips for Summer Travel

Topics: Medication safety

With the summer travel season in full swing, AWARXE urges the public to read and print its new infographic that contains medication safety tips for vacationing. 

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Pharmacists Pledging to Educate Community on Prescription Drug Abuse

Pharmacists around the country are taking the Pharmacist’s Pledge to help their communities fight prescription drug abuse.

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Internet Makes Illicit Prescription Drug Trade Easy for Criminals

Topics: Internet pharmacies

The Internet is steadily replacing street corners as the preferred way to illegally buy and sell prescription drugs. 

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FDA Warns Against Unapproved Prescription Ear Drops

Topics: FDA and Prescription drugs

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the manufacturers of certain prescription ear drops to stop making and distributing the products because they are not FDA-approved and lack such information on their labels.

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Reading Medicine Labels Helps Reduce Overdose, Advises Coalition

With half of all acetaminophen overdoses being unintentional, the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition encourages the public to properly read medicine labels.

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California, Oregon to Allow Pharmacists to Dispense Birth Control Under New Rules

Topics: Over-the-counter medications

California and Oregon will soon become the only two states in the country where patients can obtain hormonal contraceptives directly from pharmacists without a prescription.

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NABP, Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies Warn Public About Rogue Online Pharmacies in USP Blog

The majority of online drug sellers operate illegally and sell counterfeit medications that can contain toxins such as floor wax and road tar, warn NABP and the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP).

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Teen Athletes at High Risk of Prescription Painkiller, Heroin Abuse, Reports Sports Illustrated

Topics: Prescription drug abuse and Painkillers

High school athletes are often overlooked victims of the prescription drug abuse epidemic, but it is hitting them hard, reports Sports Illustrated.

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Consumers Purchasing Diazepam Online Warned to Be Wary of Counterfeit Version

Topics: diversion, FDA, and Counterfeit prescriptions

Consumers who purchase diazepam online may be at risk of receiving a potentially dangerous counterfeit version of the drug, warns FDA. 

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Music, Audiobooks Might Complement Pain Treatment in Children After Surgery, Suggests Study

Topics: Painkillers

Music and audiobooks can help reduce postoperative pain in children, suggests a small study.

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FDA Advises Caution Against Codeine for Treating Colds in Kids

Topics: FDA and Over-the-counter medications

FDA is evaluating the safety of using medicines containing codeine to treat children under 18 for coughs and colds because of the possibility of severe side effects. 

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More Than 26,000 Overdoses Reversed by Laypersons Administering Naloxone, CDC Reports

Topics: Prescription drug overdose

From 1996 through June 2014, organizations surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have provided more than 150,000 overdose reversal kits containing naloxone to laypersons who have reported 26,463 overdose reversals in that time.

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